Top Ten PUBG drop zones (arrival place) Erangle edition

alt tag top-ten-drop-zones-in-pubg

If you like pubg and you are pro and want some of the action on PUBG. if you are pro then try this drop zones to test your skills in PUBG these top ten areas are full of action and a large number of players are landing on this area. Let’s see the top ten PUBG drop zone (arrival area) Erangle edition.

10. Prison, Shelter, Mansion

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If the line is between these three areas then the best choices are to land into Prison, Shelter, Mansion. Basically found on the eastern side of the Erangle Map this area is famous for some number of various people land in this area thinking no one land there for a safety basis but you can find some action on this because this area is near to Mylta and Mylta Power. Where player used to fill up the supplies and go Mylta Power. This area is also useful for filling up the supplies. The area is also famous for some sniper because there is a mountain on the south side of the prison.

9. Mylta and Mylta Power

alt tag top-ten-drop-zones-in-pubg

Mylta and Mylta Power can be found on the southeast side of the Erangle Map where Mylta is famous for close-range battle the Mylta Power is famous for the sniping there are various sniping spots in the ground and above the ground where you can practice Sniping on this areas. The Mylta and Mylta Power are near to Lipovka, Prison, Shelter, Farm, and Novorepnoye Where Mylta is near to Shelter and Farm and Mylta Power is near to Lipovka and Prison. The player uses to fill up the supplies from Mylta and go to Mylta Power for some action battle.

8.  Severny and Shooting Range

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Only areas located on the northern side of Erangle Map. where severny is a famous very few house area where any player can search for all houses under 03:00 minutes. Due to few houses, there are few chances to survive in this area when lots of players land down in this area Where shooting range is famous for having no houses and building which gives open area for you to shoot at each other. The Severny and Shooting Range are near to Yasnaya Polyana on the east and near Georgopol.

7. Sosnovka Military Base

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The largest area in the entitle Erangle Map the Sosnovka Military Base is full of big Buildings and Small Houses where you can found all kinds of Players like around rounders and snipers where lots of player land there if the plane line is in the south of the erangle map. The Sosnovka Military Base can be found on the south side of the Erangle Map in the center of the small island located in the central. The Sosnovka Military Base is near to Farm, Mylta, and Novorepnoye on the east side of the map and near Ferry Pier on the west side of the Map where there are two bridges connecting to the island from both east and west side of the map.

6.  Rozhok

alt tag top-ten-drop-zones-in-pubg

Rozhok is located on the northern center of the map it is the only area that is near the central river. Today Rozhok is now becoming popular were lots of player land in this area. You can find good guns in this area and a car on both sides of the map this area is filled with lots of players trying to kill each other. It is one of the favorite spots for the average players. Rozhok is near to school on the south side of the map and near to Yasnaya Polyana on the east side of the map.

5.  School

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Before PUBG become a hits the School was the only area where no-one land but now school is one of the famous places to land. Where you can found all kinds of weapon (If search properly) this is the area where you can die quickly if not landed on the proper area of the school so you need to practice a lots in order to survive the area is one of the favorites for many pro players and various pro players can be found there. The area is located in the center of the map. Where the school is near to Rozhok on the north side of the Map and near to Pochinki on the south side of the map.

4.  Yasnaya Polyana

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It is one of the favourite spots many pro players the Yasnaya Polyana is famous for 2 stories of houses and high buildings where you can find a lot of players on the top of the building shooting each other. The area is famous for the highest loot (including sniper rifles). This area is famous for quick roundup where players use to come for filling up the supplies but due to a large number of players, you can have a lot of enemies to kill. The Yasnaya Polyana is located on the northeast side of the map at the end of the map. It is not near, to any of the areas.

3.  Hospital

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Hospital is also intense for shooting due to the two buildings connected to each other the hospital is very good for good guns and shooting supplies due to it is nearest to the Georgopol player use to come to the hospital to fill up the supplies where players used to fights for good supplies. The hospital is located on the Northern side of the map. Where Georgopol is the nearest on the north side.

2.  Georgopol

alt tag top-ten-drop-zones-in-pubg

It is an area with the most number of Houses and buildings the area is very famous for YouTubers on let’s play channel to feature Georgopol as a favorite place for enjoyable gaming. Where most players are on the south side of the Georgopol of the map. Where some players are found on the bridge (especially pro players). The Georgopol is located on the northwest side of the Map. where Hospital is the nearest which is on the south side of the map.

1.  Pochinki

alt tag top-ten-drop-zones-in-pubg

It is the most famous area of the Erangel map. the pochinki is most famous for all types of players where players come to have some kills due to a small area that has lots of houses nearby near and due to very good supplies, the pochinki is the best area for action pact battle. The pochinki is located on the south west-central side of the map where the school is the nearest to them all.

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