New version of Tally Accounting Software Launched : What to expect from Tally

Tally Solutions is about to launch their new products in India. With aim to empower SME and take benefits of Digital India, Tally is working on their new range of products.

Here is what we can expect from Tally

Very first thing Tally should do is to change it’s image of being an accounting software. Tally already tried that with introducing ERP in name, unfortunately it didn’t work the way it was expected.

It’s time for Tally to bring a solid platform and ecosystem which is secure, scalable and ready for the future. Move focus from product to the platform which will simplify business operations and improve productivity.

Here is what I personally feel Tally may do in 2019 to 2022

Some Products Tally may introduce in future

1. Tally Cloud
2. Tally for Manufacturers
3. Tally For SMB (Dealers & Distributors)
4. Tally for Retailers with POS
5. Tally Mobile App

Tally will work on new architecture and they may also use blockchain and emerging technologies like AI and machine learning to meet future business requirements.

Tally will add 3 layers

Foundation – Tally Core Engine (Foundation Layer)
Tally SDK – Development Layer
Tally Communication Layer

Tally will introduce new Marketplace and also tally for e-commerce business

Here are new features Tally may introduce

Tally ePay (Payment gateway solution using UPI)

Payment Gateway solution from Tally (Also known as Tally Easy Pay or Tally Electronic Payment)

This new payment gateway solution will be secure payment gateway based on UPI – Which will allow you to send and receive money using Tally Pay

Tally ePay will work with all their products. (Also known as Tally Easy Pay or Tally Electronic Payment)

When payment is made using Tally ePay Tally will automatically update payment transections also and no need to manually find who made which payment. (Huge Time Saving)

Tally Cloud, SMB, Mobile and Retails also use Tally ePay
On Retail POS tally will also accept payment from PayTm and other similar payment gateways

Tally Connect (Upgraded version of

Tally connect is Business connection platform using which Vendors and Customers can get connected via Tally. This new feature will also allow you to sync your customer and vendor data with major CRM applications and Google Apps (G Suite)

Here is how Tally connect may work in future

When ledger entry is created it will send request to Tally user who will accept and New Customer /Vendor Account will be created along with Bank details – Payment Gateway Details

This will keep customer Data Updated and no need to manually enter ledger details

Tally HR (People Management Module)
Not just payroll but HR Tool which gets synchronised with major time and attendance system
Every Employee will have their user created and their salary account details will be mapped.
Now you will be able to transfer salary also using Tally to your employees.

Tally Easy Bill
This feature is useful for generating bills, invoices and digital documents

Tally will use Tally Connect Gateway to connect with other Tally users
When Invoice is made in Tally it can be sent to customer using Email along with payment link and customers can make payment using Tally ePay portal or App

People who are connected using Tally (Mainly B2B customers) can see invoices in their system and they can accept, reject, request changes.
Once invoice is accepted it gets registered in system and payment can be made from Tally using Tally ePay

Tally Mobile App
Tally Mobile App will have many features like
Scan Visiting card, Scan Invoice, KYC update, Mini Dashboard etc

Tally BI Business Dashboard
Tally BI will provide realtime business health on it’s BI Dashboard

Tally AI (Powered by AI and ML)

This next generation feature will make Tally the ultimate Business Essential Software

Tally will us AI and ML for Sales and Accounting Predictions
You can do planning of your inventory, purchase based on past sales and payment records
Tally will also prevent you to place order or will tell you that this month you need to work hard to achieve your sales targets

Tally AI will use various data points to help you automate task and take business decisions.

Many more features to come in future.


This post was made on 1st April 2019 – Purpose of this post was to share my views about Tally and how Tally can changes the way we all do business.

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