Corsair One i165 Compact Feature and Specification

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If you love playing games on PC or you are a PC gamer and want a high-Quality PC or want to a game for your YouTube channel with the top-class PC. Then the Corsair One i165 Compact PC is best for you with its unique compact design and RGB colour panel it is considered to be the best PC made by Corsair. So let’s see feature and Specification of  Corsair One i165 Compact PC for those of you who don’t know who the Corsair is. The Corsair is a PC Company that specializes in making PC equipment for gaming.

Processor and Motherboard Specification

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Corsair One i165 Compact PC is powered by the Intel 9th generation i9 Core Processor powered by the Z370 Mini-ITX motherboard. Which gives you high-speed gaming experience. It also likes the custom liquid cooling design for the processor which also helps the GPU and CPU to run in turbo mode. It also helps to increase the performance of the PC.

Graphic Specification

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The Corsair One i165 Compact PC is run by the graphics of NVIDIA Ge-force RTX 20-Series which gives you high graphic gaming experience without warming the graphic card. Because it has liquid cooling for the graphic which prevents the graphic card to get warm. Ge-force RTX 20-Series graphic gives you high-resolution gaming experience with going beyond 4K. It also helps to enjoy VR gaming without any problem.

Memory Specification

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As per the memory, the i165 Compact PC is supported up to 32GB of Memory which is powered by the Vengeance LPX DDR4 award-winning memory card developed by the Corsair. Which is made in pure aluminium. The memory does not get warm. Because of the 8-Layer of PCB.

Cooling Specification

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Cooling now becomes the most important part of the gaming of long-time gameplay were various player plays for long hours (6-7 hours per day). That why Corsair introduces the Convection cooling system on both the left and right side of the PC. Which helps to take the outside air (on both side of PC) and throw out warm air on the top of the PC. The cooling system helps to the processor and graphics card for getting warm.

Connectivity Specification (I/O Panels)

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As for the PC I/O Panels (Also know as input and output panel). The Front Panel as two USB port of version 3.0 with the 3.5mm of an audio jack. It also has brand new VR-Ready HDMI port. As for the back the i165 compact as 1 Type-C USB of version 3.1 generation 2, 1 Type-A USB of version 3.1 generation 2, 2 Type-A USB of version 3.1 generation 1, 2 USB Port of version 2.0. As for display connectivity, it has 3 display port, one WiFi connection of 802.11ac WiFi with the Bluetooth connectivity of Bluetooth version 4.2. It also as one gigabyte Ethernet with the five audio connectors (5 + S/PD-IF). It also one keyboard connector and mouse connector.

Power Supply Specification

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As for the power supply the i165 compact as the power supply box of SF 600 which has the 600 watts of power supply without making any sound. The fan is powerful to supply the electricity all over the CPU. It has Ultra Quiet Zero RPM Mode.

Storage Specification

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The storage is also a very important part of any gaming PC. Because nowadays games required high quality of store that why i165 compact as the 2.5 hard drive disk storage of 2 TB with the 960GB of M.2 NVMe SSD (Solid State Drive).

The price of Corsair One i165 Compact is $ 3, 799.99 which is equal to Rs 263858. The Corsair also provide free shipping across the globe.

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