Corsair M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming Mouse

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If you like CS: GO, PUBG or every FPS game then you should try the Corsair M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming Mouse. Which is specially made for FPS gaming with a stylish design and lots of features this mouse is sure going to be loved by many PUBG PC fans. You are thinking mouse does not have too many functions expect two buttons and a scroll. You are wrong gaming mouse are those mouse which is specially made for gaming only. There are four types of gaming mouse FPS is one of the four types and today we only talk about FPS mouse only so let’s see feature and specification of Corsair M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming Mouse.

Design Specification

alt tag: corsair-m65-pro-review.

The Corsair M65 as a comfortable hand grip design which fit comfortably on the hand which also has good controlling grip. It has a stylish white front with the two black colour side with one side (thumb side) having a sniper weapon button with the total weight of 115g and the cable length of 1.8m which is made of braided fibre. It has mouse backlighting of 3 Zone RGB lighting (Red, Blue, Green Lighting) with the grip type of Claw. It has a product dimension of 118mm x 72mm x 39mm.

Function Specification

alt tag: corsair-m65-pro-review.

As for the mouse functionality, the Corsair M65 has a sensor type of Optical Sensor with a sensor of PMW3360 with the DPI of 12000. DPI is Dot Per Inch which a sensor measuring equation for the screen resolution for example if have a monitor with the screen resolution of 1080p then your DPI will have to equal to 2000 DPI. It also helps to stabilize the cursor on the screen. It has eight command/Program Button with the Sniper button on the right thumb side. It has a mouse button type of Omron which has button durability of 20 Million Clicks and CUE Software support.

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