Why do you need hardware firewall to protect your network?

Today you can’t run your business without using internet. Even if you are a small company with 5 to 10 computers you must have internet connection for browsing, checking emails, communicating with customers and vendors for online payment transfer etc. If your internet connection is not secure or

Bug Bounty Program for Facebook

 Bug Bounty Program for Facebook What is Bug Bounty Program:- This program is a deal offered by many websites and software developers by which individuals can receive recognition and get paid for reporting bugs, especially those which are related to exploits and vulnerabilities. How does Bug Bounty Program work:- This

VU VU40D6575 Price, Specifications and Review

VU VU40D6575   Description of VU VU40D6575 The VU VU40D6575 a 102-cm TV is what you need to take your living room’s entertainment quotient furthermore at a whole new level. Invest in this Vu Full HD TV and  probably dive into a whole new level of immersive entertainment

Samsung Washing Machine WA60H4300HB Specification & Review

Description of WA60H4300HB : The WA60H4300HB is India’s most renowned washing machine with extremely efficient wobble 2.0 technology highly preferred by urban user. It comes with ergonomic design, keeps your top load washer fresh, dries clothes much faster than the rest. The unique structure of its wobble pulsators generates a